Application Development, Website Development and E-commerce Websites, OpenCart and WordPress Templates, Plugins and Modules
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Website Redesign with Native Mobile Apps

A full featured recipe site. Adding recipes, planning meals and calculating nutrition data are the main features. Built with a custom PHP MVC architecture, utilizing MySQL and several 3rd party APIs.

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Facial Recognition API with Hybrid App

Designed a database and compiled from several lists. Location can be detected, and a list of recycling centers is plotted on a map based on the specified distance and search criteria.

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Recycling Center Search Database

Designed a database and compiled from several lists. Location can be detected, and a list of recycling centers is plotted on a map based on the specified distance and search criteria.

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Transitional E-commerce Website

Magento base e-commerce website. A responsive design, allows building and printing orders to send via fax.

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Intranet Multimedia Search App

A multimedia file search database for a small business. The software, with Windows XP compatability requirements, crawls the network and lists network shares. Network shares are marked as media file shares and indexed into the search database. PHP and Apache running on Windows, paired with an option .NET application. Custom Flash and HTML5 audio and video players.

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A site tracking lost dogs. Dog sightings by members are plotted on maps and messages are sent in an attempt to recover lost dogs. The PHP Zend Framework and the Foundation CSS framework. An administration area provides tools for managing member and dog data.

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Ad Rate Map Calculator - Multilingual

An HTML5 map based hotel TV ad rate calculator. 3 sites in 3 languages. The original versions were provided as a spreadsheet calculator and static maps. CakePHP was used to build the "back office", public pages and translations.

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Mobile Wine Directory for Live Events

A wine directory used at live events targeting iPhones and social media sharing. The directory has been used at 2 live events.

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ZURB Foundation 4 Responsive Design Integration

Integrated the ZURB Foundation Framework with an existing design.

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Minimalist Commercial

A minimalist commercial consisting of text, graphics and music.

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Website for uploading your personal music collection and listening from any web browser supporting Flash or HTML5.

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3D Character Model in Blender

3D Character modeled in Blender with armature and clothing.

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3D Home Model in Blender

3D Home modeled in Blender roughly to scale using measurements from Google Maps and photos of home.

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Application DevelopmentApplication Development

  • Website based applications
  • Native OS applications
  • Cross platform applications

DataBusiness to Business Data

  • Automated data transfers
  • Manual data uploads
  • Database design

Design and MultimediaDesign and Multimedia

  • Desktop and Mobile UI design
  • Branding and SEO
  • Animation, Video and Audio

Before we start working...

  • Purpose of website or app?
  • Target audience and market.
  • Choose essential features.

During development...

  • Early versions lack full functionality.
  • Features guide the project plan.
  • Designs are updated as needed.

At project deployment...

  • Test target devices.
  • Gauge application usability.
  • Monitor continuously.